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Few Efficient Tips to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

Few Efficient Tips to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

The function of kidney involves filtering the blood and assist clearing the toxins present in body through urine. Urine holds several chemicals that sometimes crystallize to produce hard crystals. These crystals that are hold by the urinary tract are referred as kidney stones. Usually, kidney stones are of small size during early stages and when they grow progressively, the person can experience excruciating pain while urination. Instead of preferring expensive surgical procedures, you can consider following the glorious natural tips listed below that can melt away any hard kidney stone. But, you must bear in mind not postponing a visit to medical care provider in case of severe pain or other complications.

  • Exercise: Exercises are the common solution for the overall proper functioning of the body. Exercises, when performed regularly assist to run a body system more efficiently and effectively. They also assist preventing the formation of kidney stones, thus leads a way to get rid of existing stones.
  • Fluid consumption: Consuming plenty of water (eight to ten glasses per day) and improve your fluid intake. It is the most easiest and effortless way of flushing out the stones. Increased consumption of buttermilk, milk, juices, soups, and milkshakes is suggested for preventing kidney stones.
  • Phosphoric acid: It is known that kidneys play a vital role in eliminating the presence of excess acid from blood. But, acid can be used to dissolve kidney stone, provided it must be done under the prescription of physician. Phosphoric acid, mostly present in soft drinks helps dissolve the stones rapidly. Consuming soft drinks with vegetable puree is the best way of dissolving, breaking and letting the kidney stones via urine.
  • Diet: Low oxalate diet assists lower the size of stones along with preventing formation of further stones in kidney. Add more raw and fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. High fibre diet also helps getting rid of stones faster. To stay away from the worsening of the condition, you can have a list of oxalate foods that steer clear of kidney stones. If you want to stay away from kidney stones and its growth and to prevent it from occurring, then you must necessarily take these foods to stay safer.
  • Herbal teas: diuretic teas or dandelion teas made out of corn silk, nettle leaf, fennel seed and oat straw assist to dissolve fast the kidney stones. Herbal teas made out of such herbs tend to work better for the kidney stones. Meadow-sweet, joe-pye weed, plantain and sarsaparilla are used traditionally in Chinese medicines to eliminate the excess uric acid from the body.

Finding the right technique for dissolving kidney stones is based on your personal preference as well as suggestions of your healthcare provider. Other essential factor involves the individual type and size of kidney stone that any individual have. You need to obtain the prior approval of your physician before taking any treatment. You must also aware about the ingredients beforehand to trying anything new as this could prevent you from allergic issues, even with natural remedies.

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