Health Tips Every New Mother Should Know

Health Tips Every New Mother Should Know

From the time a woman expects a baby, doctors and family members require her to take extra care and to look after her health and dietary requirements. However, post child birth, most mothers get so consumed looking after the new born that they completely forget their own health needs looking into as well.

It’s important to remember, a new mother is coping with motherhood for the first time too and her body requires just as much care as the baby’s. Here are a few health tips every new mom should keep in mind because only if she’s fit and healthy, will she be able to look after her baby better as well:


Mothers often forget the role nutrition plays post child birth. You should continue having a diet which comprises proteins and calcium. There is a higher requirement for mothers who nurse the babies. In order to heal post birth, a mother needs a good diet. Do not try to start dieting to lose the pregnancy weight. Keep an aim of consuming about an extra 500 calories for the first six months and make sure to keep your fluid intake high as well.

If you do not eat non-vegetarian food, make sure to take supplements to make up for vitamin B12 and calcium.

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Rest and Sleep

Most mothers feel sleep deprived due to the erratic sleeping patterns their babies follow. Every 3-4 hours, a new born baby has to be fed and changed and put to sleep. This can be quite exhausting. Make sure to delegate responsibilities with your husband so you’re not taxed with other work. Get some sleep when the baby sleeps and get as much rest as you can. Only if you’re well rested will you be able to handle that little ball of noise that wails every 2 hours but who you love more than anything else.

Losing Weight the Right Way

A lot of celebrity mothers flaunt killer curves just weeks after delivering. The latest example is Duchess Kate Middleton who showed off an extraordinary figure just six weeks post having a baby girl. However, one shouldn’t forget they have all the assistance to help them shed the weight in a healthy fashion. Do not go on a crash diet to lose those flabs. Chart out a healthy work out regime for yourself and balance it with a nutritious diet. You should aim at setting a realistic goal and work on it with focus giving yourself sufficient time to get back into your old figure.

Give yourself A Break

Mothers often forget they need to take a break and recharge their batteries too. Make sure to make some “me” time for yourself. Take walks and enjoy the fresh air. Make sure to take care of yourself and take time out to indulge in things that interest you- it could be indulging in a nice bath or reading a good book. It could be preparing a good meal for a change or pampering yourself now and then. Such small gestures will keep you mentally at peace and help you keep your sanity with so much change happening in your life.

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Fighting Health Problems

A lot of mothers struggle with anaemia and constipation especially if they have had a C-section or been drugged during delivery. In order to battle constipation, make sure to have fiber rich foods and drink lots of water. If you’re anaemic, make sure to eat foods rich in folic acid and iron as well has foods rich in Vitamin C. Make sure to eat a good amount of meat and poultry products as iron is better absorbed from such sources than plants and vegetables. It is essential to keep your body in a good, healthy state to put up with the challenges of mother hood.

Being a mother is no easy task. Everyone’s attention is so much on the new born; you’re left taking care of yourself which you shouldn’t neglect at any cost. Take good care, so you can pass off the goodness to your baby as well!