Daniel Maor Wins Record BetMGM Poker Championship

Daniel Maor benefited by the current wave WSOP fever sweeping Las Vegas, winning a record-setting BetMGM Poker Championship.

Daniel Maor has won the record-breaking BetMGM Poker Championship in Las Vegas at the Aria after a dominant performance at the final table. (Image: PokerOrg/8131 Media)

Maor made a short trip on June 7 from the Horseshoe Casino to the Aria to enter the BetMGM Poker Champion $3,500. He was joined by other 1,140 players looking to find summer success outside the WSOP.

The BetMGM Poker Championship also set a record.

Pros Target New Summer Staple in Vegas

Luke Staudenmaier is BetMGM’s Director for Poker. He noted that the tournament had become a “summer tradition” for players in Las Vegas. Maor confirmed this in his post-win interviews.

“When I looked at the summer schedule, this was an event that I marked because it is not something you see every day. A $3,500 buy in, $3 million guaranteed events are rare. The structure was excellent, and I was excited to play, especially at such a beautiful venue as ARIA,” Maor said following his win.

After five days of play, the field of 150 online qualifiers was reduced to seven players. Maor quickly established himself as the leader, using his stack effectively.

Maor won over $600,000 by eliminating five of his six opponents with cards and chips. Maor’s performance was impressive in and of itself, but it’s even more impressive when you look at the players that he defeated.

Daniel Maor Wins Record BetMGM Poker Championship

Daniel Maor dominates BetMGM Poker Championship Finale

Ethan Yau aka Rampage, Eric Baldwin and Shannon Shorr were all competing for the lion’s share of $3.6 Million and a title that is quickly becoming a sought-after poker title. Despite their combined skills and experience, Maor was the winner.

2024 BetMGM Poker Championship Results

  1. Daniel Maor – $613,914
  2. Shannon Shorr – $430,367
  3. Lyu Jun Qiang – $279,207
  4. Jordan Westmorland, $206,914
  5. James Romero – $156,344
  6. Eric Baldwin – $126.405
  7. Ethan ‘Rampage Yau’ – $104,424

Maor was able to enjoy a healthy dose luck on the final hand with Q J. Maor raised it from the small-blind and was met by a three bet from Shannon Shorr who held A Q. After a few minutes of deliberation Maor called.

Shorr continued to be aggressive by going all-in after the 8 J 10 flip. Maor took a few moments to check his cards and count his stack.

He called with top pair and enough remaining chips to survive the bad beat. The 8 and 4 didn’t help Shorr and Maor was crowned 2024 BetMGM Poker Championship winner. Maor’s earnings surpassed $1 million with this win. Since then, he has earned two cashes at the WSOP.

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