Josh Reichard is the 2024 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Champion

Josh Reichard stands as one of the most decorated active World Series of Poker Circuit champions; yet even after amassing 15 rings and over $3 Million in tournament cashes – something was missing: A major trophy title.

Reichard over doubled his previous payout at the 2024 World Poker Tour Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown by more than doubling the $3,500 event’s prize pool – reaching $5.9 Million with 1869 entries competing; Reichard took home $839,300 after beating Landon Tice heads-up at HyperX arena at Luxor and in front of an enthusiastic audience who came out in support.

“My friends and family truly made my win possible; there’s no disputing that,” Reichard stated to WPT. “Without them I couldn’t have reached such heights.” All his previous titles had been minor league championships until now when his Major League Championship title finally arrived – something which left him delighted that this win signifies such success for himself as well as others involved with him in his tournament team.

josh reichard
Josh Reichard finally got his major. He is the 2024 champions on the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker XXXX. (Image: WPT)

WPT Choctaw

WPT Choctaw began April 19 at Seminole Hard Rock in Florida and will feature six players at its final table this morning at WPT Studio in Las Vegas before concluding as WPT Choctaw today.

Reichard was up against an exceptional final six that featured Tice (second for $550K), Jesse Lonis (third for $410k), Alexander Queen (fourth for $305,000), Dylan Smith (fifth for $230,000) and Aaron Kupin (sixth for $176,000). Dylan Linde ended the tournament.

Reichard hails from Janesville, Wisconsin and currently shares second place for most WSOP Circuit wins with 15 rings – three more than his nearest competitor (Brandon Browne from Canada is first with 16 wins) but still needs his first bracelet which was almost secured last year when he finished second for his biggest cash to date: $1,000 Mini Main Event (finishing second for largest cash).

“Every time you have an incredible run like that is incredible. It feels incredible!” Reichard noted after placing second. People asked whether he was disappointed about coming in second; Reichard responded that all runs felt equally rewarding in building confidence for future attempts at the course.

Mid-Stakes Poker Tour

Reichard boasts more than $4 Million in tournament cashes across his mid-stakes poker career and beyond WSOP Circuit events he has won numerous events across the United States such as Mid-Stakes Poker Tour (MSPT) and Moneymaker Tour events.

Reichard enjoyed this victory as the best yet; not just because of its large payout but for all the incredible support from friends and family he received when all assembled at HyperX Arena for one of the most dramatic victory photos in recent memory.

“It is truly heartwarming knowing so many people care and love me,” Reichard remarked to WPT afterwards. “Their support means so much – it makes this so enjoyable!”

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