WPT Global Adds Patrick ‘Egption’ Tardif to Its Roster

WPT Global recently welcomed Patrick “Egption” Tardif to its expanding team of ambassadors. Their marketing department hopes his inclusion can make an impression in the streaming community and will use him as part of its push into it.

Patrick “Egption” Tardif will use his popular Twitch stream as part of his duties as WPT Global Ambassador, entertaining, educating and promoting poker (Image: WPT Global). (Source). (Image: WPT Global).

As with other successful poker players before him, Tardif has successfully made the switch from gaming to poker and, like Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier et al, built up an enormous fan base.

Tardif Can Delight, Engage, and Play

Tardif’s combination of popularity and charm drew the notice of WPT Global’s marketing team, who described her signing as an unprecedented double coup – as Cameron Dhaliwal explained at WPT Global, his comments included this observation as well!

Dhaliwal stated, “We are extremely thrilled that Patrick has joined our team. His expertise and consistent production of top-tier online poker content will no doubt contribute significantly.”

Tradif has made his fortune online through gambling on over $5 Million while providing entertaining commentary about it all – this feat alone is what’s attracted over 54,000 Twitch followers and garnered him his reputation as “Twitch Streaming extraordinaire”. While on Twitter he jokes about having been hired “for both his looks and streaming talent”, Tardif knows exactly why his assignment requires such expertise.

WPT Global has quickly established itself as one of the premier recreational poker websites since it first debuted in 2022, offering satellites to WPT live events as well as favoring amateurs via policies limiting how many “pro players” may sit down at cash games at any one time.

As stated by its creators, their goal is to foster an environment where players of all levels can “learn, play, improve and win.” Patrick “Egption” Tardif has proven adept at championing these qualities among both his Twitch followers and more broadly within the poker community at large.

WPT Global’s dedication to innovation and world-class poker experience perfectly match my passion for this great game, and I can’t wait to begin connecting with their community and compete in all their exciting tournaments & cash games.”

Tardif will provide educational and entertaining streams for WPT Global’s ambassador-driven content such as that from Ethan “Rampage” Yau.

WPT Global Is Thriving

Tardif’s signing came simultaneously with news that WPT Global ambassador Xuan Liu will extend her contract.

Veteran pro Phil Ivey will remain one of WPT Global’s brand ambassadors alongside Chris.

WPT Global ambassadors will make up part of its next push toward its season-ending World Championship event.

As in prior years, WPT Global will send hundreds of players to the 2024 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas through promotions and satellites. Each Sunday leading up to it will offer $12,400 passports up for grabs until WPT World Championship begins in 2024.

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